Understanding Biblical Literary Style

Understanding Biblical Literary Style.

Understanding Biblical Literary Style. We need to understand that our expectations of the Biblical literary style may not be correct. As a 21st-century reader of the Bible, we can come to some ideas about its text that are probably incorrect. How we think about things can change slowly over time, and later generations can struggle …

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Why Genesis

Why Genesis

Why the Genesis Account Introduction The early chapters of Genesis have been debated and written about for thousands of years, and it is easy to see why anyone who reads it comes away with many questions. After studying many different views, I want to share what I think is the proper way of understanding the …

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Meek Inherit The Earth

The Christian’s Destination Is God‘s earthly Kingdom

We really should know our destination is an earthly kingdom! When people are heading places for an extended stay, even to work, they have a mindset that anticipates what will take place at that location. If you have ever gone on a trip or vacation, you are preparing for that destination. What is being discussed …

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