A Fair Election

Cover of A Fair ElectionThe book “A Fair Election” is not about a political election, it is about God’s election. The Bible uses the word “elect” for a specific group of people. Calvinist claim that it refers to people that God chose for salvation. On the other hand their are many who simply ignore this term. I believe after years of study I have found the truth about the words predestination and election. These words provide understanding about what God has planned for a soul that accepts Jesus as their savior.

Another discourse about these words is the idea of once saved always saved. It seems too most people that if a person is predestined to Heaven then they can live however they want and the outcome is the same. This to is addressed in the book.

I know that paradigms exist, and they keep men for seeing what is right in front of them. I am certain that whoever reads this book will see things they have never considered before. Things that will make so much sense and give a clearer picture of the process of God salvation through Jesus Christ the Lord.

It is my hope that after reading this book you will have a greater confidence in your salvation.

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