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Where do you start?

Please open a Bible to Genesis, chapter one (preferably a King James Bible).

In the beginning, God created! These are the very first words of the Bible and the most important words. They present you with a choice, either believe there is a God or believe there is not. One must be at least willing to accept there is a God, or there is no reason to read any further. 

In the Beginning

If you are still reading, then I assume you are considering there is a God, and now we can see that God created the heaven and the earth. Heaven is the universe, and we live on the planet earth. One might consider when the beginning was? We, as humans, love to know these things. But the Bible does not tell us, and this is an essential point about knowing God. God is beyond our comprehension; if He were not, we would be just like Him. It also tells us that God is eternal, meaning there is no beginning with God—He always was and always will be. There are many estimates as to how long ago our universe came into existence, but it does not matter when because God has always been. Asking where God came from is like asking what is bigger than infinity. There are just things we cannot know.

Let there be light

Now God starts to move to make changes and says, “Let there be light.” That is important because that is when the light divided from the darkness. Thoroughly woven throughout the world’s cultures is the concept that light is good, and darkness is bad. God’s intention, therefore, from the very outset, is to create a good world. God wants to bring light into your life to remove the darkness. In practical terms, this means God wants to bring order to your life and the world. Read John 1:1-5 and compare.

God Creates And Fills

The creation story is outlined using a six-day workweek. Some believe that all of the events described in these days happened within six twenty-four hour days; others do not. Don’t worry, because at this point it makes no difference. What is important is that we understand it is God who defined a seven day week. The rotation of our planet determines a day, and the earth around the sun determines the month and years, but in this story, God defines a week and we all live by it.

In the first three days, God creates environments for things to exist. “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea…” (Exodus 2:11a). Then in the forth through the sixth day, God created things to inhabit them. “and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day…” (Exodus 2:11b). These words are revolutionary! In a polytheistic world, which means believing in many gods, or processes of creation, it is a profound difference to have one God creating everything. The Bible claims there is a God who is the Creator of everything. One God who knows what is best, who has a plan and the power to do it. If God created the world we can trust Him to control it. God does not desire for one to believe in Him, He desires one to trust in Him.

It Is Good Becomes Very Good.

After God creates a specific part of creation, He proclaims, “it was good.” Six times God make that statement. On the sixth day, God makes a second proclamation that something “was very good.” What we are to learn from this is is God was creating something that was to be very good. God wants good things for us! You must believe this about God. God wants the very good for all His creation. You probably will ask—then why isn’t my life good? This is the story of the Bible that you are now embarking on. Please do not sell yourself short by not understanding it. You probably don’t understand how knowing this will help you, but trust me, if your thinking is right, your life will follow.

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