Why The Name Husbandman?


“one whose business it is to cultivate the ground. It was one of the first occupations, and was esteemed most honourable.”

Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Humans were created to be husbandmen. God created humans to care for His garden and make it expand over the earth. The first two humans chose to things their way and were removed from the garden. Life is a garden! While the earth is important, our relationship with one another is even more. The harm that comes to the world stems from the lack of relationships of humans. This website is dedicated to helping us to be gardeners (husbandmen) for the Kingdom of God.

About Me

Let me start by thanking you for even being interested enough to read this. My heart is to serve the Lord in whatever capacity I can. I am a graduate of Mountains States Baptist College and have served the Lord for more than thirty-five years. In that time I have served as an assistant pastor, pulpit supply, Sunday school teacher, bus captain, junior church leader, and as a deacon. Over these years I have had to do “tent making” to provide for my family. In doing so I have worked as a graphic artist and web designer for more than twenty two years. I orginally started this ministry to provide graphics services. However, over the years my study of the Bible has comsumed me. I have a passion to share what I have learn. So this website has changed its focus on Biblical teaching.

Mark Tank