Before we can go any farther there is something we need to talk about and that is our relationships with others. It is a lonely life without meaningful relationships. Drugs, alcohol, sex are just a few of the many crutches people need to get by when they don’t have meaningful relationships.

There are three ways you relate to people. They are defined in the way we pursue others. I define them this way.

The narcissist: They never take the time to know someone. They are only interested in themselves. They never pursue the interest of others.

The phony: These people say they care but most of the time they do as little as possible to show it.

The genuine: These are the ones that pursue others. They do what pleases whom they love. No one can ever be truly loved if there are not these kinds of people in the world.

If you want to change for the better you must become genuine. It is hard when you love and are not loved back. So the way you start at becoming genuine is to start loving God because He will love you back. Pursue God and in time you will know His love.

You can’t just say you love God you must know how to love God. Just like a friend you pursue, you learn to know what music and movies or food they like. What things they like to do and what makes them happy. It is no different with God. Learn what pleases God. Then do what is right.

You can’t just do the things you like you must consider what God likes. Your taste will start to be like God’s.

To pursue God you need to understand the Bible because in it God the creator reveals Himself. You may have been told you can’t trust the Bible because it was written by man. You really need to stop and think about this for a moment. What way could God give humans knowledge that could be understood throughout the millenniums? Sure anyone could claim they have heard from God, but it must be tested and the Bible has been. You can find great material on why the Bible can be trusted but by studying it with me you will learn for yourself.

The other popular criticism of the Bible is that it is old, and written by ignorant men. This is arrogant at its best. Yes, today we have more technology and understanding of our world, but that knowledge was built upon the brilliant minds of the past. What has not changed is the human heart condition and that is what the Bible speaks to. Since the Bible is written by God”s inspiration He knows how to fix the human condition. The Bible is old because it was written for people of all ages not just modern man and when you read it you must remember that.

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