The Bible Is Greatest Story Ever Told

The Condense Story Of The Bible

It is time for a Bible revival. I have been studying the Bible for 36 years, and while I know, I am not the smartest man on the plant I am not that much different than most. I feel like the Bible is a whole new book that I have never read. This excitement is driving me to want to see others become equally renewed in their desire to know it. People get excited over novels or movies of tales of adventure and drama. These are fiction, but the Bible is real and just as much a saga.

What I believe has been lost is our understanding of the Bible’s complete story. We know passages and some books well, but like me, I am sure many reading this could not describe the Bible’s story. We may come up with a sentence or two about its theme; however, I am talking about being able to see how each book fits into the story and what connection they have with one another—also the knowledge of the turning points of the story.

So I wrote out what I believe is the condensed story of the Bible. I did not write this as the final authority; rather I wrote it for myself and to share and I am not claiming I have it exactly right. What I do want it to do is to stimulate you to think about the Bible in this way. If you think I am not correct then how does the story go in your mind?

Once you see the story clearly, you will know why you are reading the passage. Imagine picking up a novel and becoming familiar with certain parts of it but never really grasping the whole story. I may be wrong, but I think this is where Christianity is today. So please read my condensed version and asked yourself if you could come up with a better version and why.

The Bible Saga Trilogy

The setting

God creates a Heaven and an Earth and out these He makes a system of life1. The pinnacle of life is Adam or human. The responsibility of these humans is to care for God’s creation2. They were to care for it under the leadership of God.

Then enters a dark figure appears who convinces human to take control from God. In doing so they face death and a curse3. They lose the authority to the dark one. There are two worlds which overlap. These are the spiritual world and the physical world. They mirror one another and many times in the story it is hard to tell which is the lake and which is the sky.

Spiritual beings visit the earth and oppress and corrupt the humans to the point God has to destroy the men and chain these spiritual being up for a time4. However, there is a family that God finds undefiled by this wickedness, and He calls them to build an ark to spare them during a great flood.5.

The making of Nations

After the flood men moved to a plain called Shinar and built a city of rebellion6, to hinder their disobedience, they are given different languages and God scatters them. This action formed the nations of the world.7 The city that started these rebellious nations was called Babble. It later became Babylon, and it represents all the evil nations that came from it.

God’s Nation

God found a man named Abram and He was called out from this evil land of Shinar and God promised to form a holy nation that would stand against the evil empire of Babylon.8 He named the nation Israel.9 God created twelve kings to represent Israel.10 Every nation needs laws to govern itself and so God gave it laws by the prophet Moses. Then people were then called to cut out a place for themselves by removing the most wicked.11 However, as with the humans themselves, Israel failed to live within the directives, the nation now struggled. As a result, they are overtaken by the evil empire they were supposed overcome.12

The story ends with a failed attempt at being a great nation. The nation exists but its under the rule of the evil empire. We are not for one second to believe that God has forgotten the humans and His holy nation, though all lay silent for hundreds of years.

The Holy One

Arriving on the scene is “The Son of Man.” He is the one human that will not fail, will not sin. He will lead the humans and the nations to righteousness.13 However, His battle is not with flesh and blood because this would be futile without destroying first the kingdom of darkness that influences evil. As never before in the story the demonic world appears as the Son of Man calls it out. He is going to destroy the seed of darkness.14 As in the story of Sodom and Gomorra, He will seek out the righteous before destroying the city.15 He paid for men’s sins so, they did not have to wait for judgment.16 Jesus equips his followers to do warfare against the darkness.17 He armed them with truth and His Holy Spirit so they could battle the principalities of darkness.18 Then He commanded them to leave their nation and secretly infiltrate the nations.19 

His disciples taught how the followers are free from the laws that their forefathers had agreed to at Mount Sinai. Not because they were wrong, but because they could not keep them all as they infiltrated foreign nations.20 The disciples of the way were distress about not having righteous laws to live by, but national laws do not make righteousness people anyway.21 The apostles taught that a man filled with the Holy Spirit would never do anything to break a moral law and therefore they could go into an evil world system and still retain rights.22

Finally, as in any tension, it comes to ahead, and the forces of darkness are cast out of darkness to the earth. The angels that have been chained in the pit are loosed upon the earth.23 No longer do men have to wonder if they are looking at the lake or the sky—all are brought out into the open. The call is made to the people of the earth to choose their side—come out from the harlot Babylon before you are destroyed with it.24

The battle rages and the side are set and with the host of Heaven the Son of Man come with His army remove the evil.25

The Righteous Reign

For a thousand years, the Son of Man who is the Son of God will fulfill the promise to God’s nation and that by it the other nations will be blessed.26 Over time sin will rise in man himself, for all spiritual forces have been held captive, and it will stir in their hearts. They will wait for a leader to attempt their coup d’état but will fail.27 All that will be left are men who were found faithful to their God. They will be counted worthy to rule over God’s new creation. And so a new Heaven and new earth are formed, and as in the garden, God will dwell in harmony with the stewards of His creation.28

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Updated 10/10/2019

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