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Music may be the answer to peace

I Will Not Leave You Comfortless.

This article is my first entry into this series. I hope I am able to keep it going. Here we are in the midst of a COVID-19 crisis. I am sure that many are stressed—I know I have been. I had a high heartbeat, pressure in my chest, and ended up in the hospital. Some people seem to handle things better than others. If you have no concerns or stress about the current situation—praise the LORD. However, if you do, please join me as we try to learn to make it through trouble times together.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3

Keeping our minds on Christ is the goal. Whether we realize it or not, much of our entertainment is high powered. It has an undertone of anger or aggressiveness. So much so that if most people listen to soft music, it is very unsettling. Once we become accustomed to certain things, it is hard for our bodies to adjust. That is also very true about food. Some people eat very unhealthily, and if they try to change their diet, it can even sicken them for a time. But the change will bring about better health. It is also true with drugs. Once someone is addicted, it is very difficult to get off them, and if they don’t, the result will not be good.

Here is an example of high energy music that is popular. I am not condemning this artist. I am also not saying listening to music with this much energy is wrong. What I am saying if that is our soul diet, then we will find ourselves having a hard time relaxing. When I say relaxing I don’t mean watching a TV show. I am talking about having your mind at peace.

In order to deal with stress, we must take time to relax. Good music is a gift from God to accomplish this. It will take some time to find it pleasing if you are not accustomed to comforting music. I want to leave you with the best music group that I know of that continually produces good music. There are many others, but for this article, I will give you the Collingsworth Family.

ACTION: Take a few moments every day to turn everything off except the device to play your music. Close your eyes and try to focus on the words. If you have small children try to have them sit still with you or do it while they are napping. After doing this for a time you will notice a much greater feeling of peace.

If you have any suggestions in the area of music, please comment below.

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