In The Beginning God

In The Beginning God

An honest discussion about God

In this episode, I cover coming to grips with one’s foundational belief about God. There are basically two viewpoints people can have about God. Either is one, or there is not one. Many people today claim to be atheists. The underlying problem claiming one is an atheist is one must declare they know everything.

Conclusions vs possibilities

Basically, the problem here is understanding the difference between a possibility and a conclusion. There are many possibilities in this universe. To come to a conclusion, one must sufficiently eliminate all or the majority of possibilities. If one comes to the conclusion that they are an atheist it is simply a belief system like any religion has. Not believing in something does not make it untrue, as much as believing does not make it real. Understanding why we all exist is not something that should be taken lightly. We need to build our beliefs upon rational thinking, not emotional wants.

Historically people have believed in a spiritual world

For most of the world’s history, people have believed there is a spiritual world, a world that one cannot see. Every culture has or had beliefs deities or processes that happen in a different dimension. While not proof of such things exists, it should be noted that this understanding has its roots in something real.

The possibility that there is a God is based upon our knowledge of the way the world works. We naturally can tell when we come across something that is designed. We marvel at the machines man has invented, so how can one look at living things and believe there is no designer. We also understand cause and effect. If something takes place, we want to know why it happened. We want to know what made it happen. We never assume that there was no cause.

Wanting a lifestyle is a bad way to determine reality

In all my years of living and talking to people about this topic, it comes down to choosing a lifestyle. If something gets in the way of the lifestyle we want to live, we dismiss it or attack it. I ask you to open yourself up to the possibility that the Bible is true when it says in the beginning, God.

A person who does not come to any conclusion about God is called an Agnostic. Agnostic means to not know. That is a logical view to have about many things. It is not good being agnostic about somethings. We will never get anywhere in life if we never make decisions because we remain ignorant. If you choose to remain agnostic about God, then you are practically living as an atheist. Do not stay undecided because if you do, you will miss out on many wonderful things, most of all a relationship with the most loving Being in existence.

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