Diversity of gifts and tongues

The church is to have unity in diversity of gifts.

The gift of tongues divided the early church. If you have not read my article on the gift of Biblical theology and the gift of tongues, please take a few moments to read it before continuing here.  In 1 Corinthians chapter 12, the apostle Paul addresses the topic of spiritual gifts. Throughout the chapter, he …

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tattooing and Christianity

Should Christians Get Tattoos?

Christianity And Tattoos I have heard a couple of Christian pastors comment on tattoos, and the latest one was Mike Winger. I like Mike’s teaching, so I am writing this article. Mike said many good things, but there is one thing I think he missed, as many evangelicals do, and that is the concept of separation.  Old …

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Meek Inherit The Earth

The Christian’s Destination Is God‘s earthly Kingdom

We really should know our destination is an earthly kingdom! When people are heading places for an extended stay, even to work, they have a mindset that anticipates what will take place at that location. If you have ever gone on a trip or vacation, you are preparing for that destination. What is being discussed …

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Jesus' first miracle

The First Miracle

Jesus performs His first miracle at a wedding; let’s see why. I understand that miracles do not seem to be a show of power, rather they are a vision of what is to come. When Jesus sets up His kingdom there will be healing and peace. If one meditates on the miracles they can see …

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Dislike Fallacy

The Dislike Fallacy

I came up with the dislike fallacy because atheists always have a fallacy they use to refute things. There is an argument by atheists that goes like this. The God of the Bible is a capricious, malevolent, misogynistic, genocidal, and slavery endorsing God. Therefore He cannot be a God. It is a way to say …

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