Is There Marriage In Heaven?

A short book that seeks to answer the question; “is there marriage in heaven.”

Cover Image I hope the title of this book was provocative as it was meant to be. This could seem to be answered in one single verse, and that answer would be there is no marriage in heaven.  Yet I believe there is too much at stake to just stop there and not explore this intriguing question.  That is what this book is all about. I hope to be concise and at the same time answer as many questions as possible.

Here is Ravi Zacharias is discussing sexuality. At this point he mention the fact that Adam was not complete without Eve, even though God was with Adam in a perfect environment. I show this video only to enforce what I am saying is not based on my own ideas alone.

Please scroll to 4:52.

More than anything I want to give hope to all those people out there that feel, and maybe rightly so, that they have been short-changed in this life.

This is now the second addtion.

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